One week after a big storm here we are back in the Blackcomb mountain backcountry area, the snowpack had settled and was time to go back to Blackcomb backcountry gate, we were aware of some crevasses since the snowpack is pretty shallow but we had a safe route planned.

The Flow team today was bigger, Flor, Ana, Sebastian, Agusti and me started hiking behind the backcountry gate at 9.30am, skins on and after 60 mins of hard skining (snow was pretty slippery and windafected in this area) we were ready to put the skis on and get into the beautifull glacier on the way to Husume.



Ana and Flor droping in while we make sure all goes well in the steeper part

But things sometimes go wrong and one of our friends while taking the skins off dropped his helmet and roll down all the way to Deker stoping at the bottom of the hill, Ana and Flor left the group as they had only the morning off, and we had to reorganice the plan of the day and decided it was safe to ski donw towards Deker mt, skin back and head to Husume, our initial plan.

Our first run, even if not planned, was suprisingly good, letting us see from closer Decker mountain and how big the crevases were like, I still have not been farther than here but really want to ski this mountain in the future.


Bottom of our first run with Decker mountain in the background





Ski and fly at the same time, would be fun to try! This guy had some fun for sure!


Agusti reaching the top of the bootpack and looking at the Glacier again 


Once back in glacier, we traversed left above some scary crevases and reached the bootpack area up to the Husume entrance, the run of the day was finnally going to happen!


From the top of the first entrance we decided we were happy with dropping in here and keep it simple, so skis on, cameras, and action!!








The full run from the bottom, 40-45 degrees and 500 meters vertical of fun steep skiing




And that was it for today! This run ends back in the Whistler-Blackcomb boundary area and you can ski to the base from there.

It was not the best snow ever, but Husume is always a winner and the day was incredible as you can see on the photos. Hopefully big dumps are just around the corner!

My next post we´ll be the Avalanche Operations Level 1 course by Canadian Avalanche Association, 7 intense days on the second week of February to get more knowledge about the snowpack and avalanches,  lets get on business!!

Have fun out there and be safe.

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