The season was getting to his end, and I had been thinking long time about going to the backcountry in the Whistler area, behind the Flute area in Symphony Bowl, and the day finally arrived.


Whistler Backcountry is in the bottom part of the map, I did number 1 and  both 2 routes

Today was one of those days that you need to go alone up there (you should not do that even if there is no avalanche risk) and have your own time and enjoy the mountains by yourself and think in your staff.

First I hiked the Flute, pretty easy and even more with your skins, around 30 minutes. The day was not really clear but the forecast said no precipitations today, the problem was the visibility..



Views from Symphony Bowl hiking Flute


Flute Summit 2015m


Garibaldi Gate tells us we are leaving the boundary..

Then I skied west of the Flute submit till you have to start skinning again The Oboe, another 30-40 minutes hike with stunning views of the valley and glaciers, you are in the middle of nowhere, its like waking up in paradise…

From the top of Oboe I skied down East again, in order to reach Cowboy Ridge, but after finding some friends on the way there, I realised it was too late to go further west, it was going to get dark soon and I wanted to enjoy the views of the sunset and the food and beer I had in my backpack.


Singing pass starts from the bottom of the Oboe and Cowboy Ridge

I had the chance to come back to the boundary through the Singing pass but was not a good idea to go there alone and less beeing my first time here, so I hiked back the Flute from the west this time, as fast as I could because the clouds were leaving pass to the sun and the sunset was going to be amazing.. around 1 hour after this is what I found..




Fissile is the next step after the Cowboy Ridge, next season target..



Black Tusk Peak, an old Volcano ended like that..


My picnic stuff  on the sunset

It was getting dark and I still had to hike back to Symphony Bowl and traverse back to the Village, so I ended my Corona beer and skied down the last part with the most amazing light I have ever skied, the mountain came pink with the red lights of the sunset reflecting in the snow, I couldn’t  take pictures on the camera, so I took it in my go pro and its hard to appreciate it,  those who have been out there,  you know what I talk about… then hiked again till the Flute and ski down all the way to the Village almost at night..


Sunset lights in the Oboe


The village lights on the right  from mid station almost dark

So this was my last day in the backcountry this amazing season in Whistler-Blackcomb 2012-13, not the best about the amount of snow fell, but this place its just a dream came true; if all goes well, Ill see you again next season and I will share it with you all through this blog! I hope you are enjoying it!!

For all those who I had the pleasure to share this experience with, up and down the mountain, thanks again!! I cant start writing names I could never end!

Thanks for watching!! We are almost in 2.000 views!! And to all my family and friends that helped me to make this possible! Now is time to go back to Spain for the summer; end some staff and take out the screws of my last season injury..

Enjoy your summer!!

Keep Flowing!!!

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