Whistler Blackcomb is known because of many things, huge terrain, deep snow, terrain parks, party, the village… but there is another thing that makes the difference, they are not afraid of promoting the backcountry like in the USA, and the culture of backcountry is huge..

Last season I started to get the gear to go out of bounds in the backcountry, shovel, probe, bacon and avalung, and this season the most important part, touring bindings, touring  boots and skins.. the amount of money is pretty big but its totally worth it..

This map shows the huge area to play in outside the boundary,


The first stage is in the Blackcomb Glacier,  the DOA (5 in the map) ,  is one of the longest couloirs in North America and the most emblematic sidecountry rout easily accesed after the T Bars, less than 1h hike or skining, and you get to a narrow couloir that gives you back to 7th heaven area.

  IMG_5891 - copia           IMG_5893 - copia          IMG_5892 - copia

Signals at the entrance of the Garibaldi Gate before leaving the boundary area

The beginning of the couloir is that narrow that you can not even turn depending of the conditions, then it gets wider and the game starts..

Captura de pantalla 2013-07-26 a la(s) 17.09.55

Entrance of the couloir… scary…


The widest part of the couloir

IMG_5897 - copia

Happy faces at the end of the couloir

After the couloir there is still a huge area to ski down, where you can choose your fresh tracks easily…

Captura de pantalla 2013-07-26 a la(s) 17.50.10


Thats how it loks from the bottom in a sunny day..

2 thoughts on “DOA

  1. Ya que de momento no puedo ir, envíame una montaña de Whistler.
    Y en español ¿qué tal?

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